At Siga Siga we can create the menu you wish for any occasion.

We provide ideal food proposals for:
• Customers in groups (large groups of friends, company/business members, professional groups & unions)
• Traveler groups (visitors of Heraklion city, tourist groups)
• Social events (birthdays, namedays and more)

You may inform us with your desirable menu ideas. We choose and create with you a traditional Greek or Cretan menu, a seafood menu, a vegan menu or any other menu tailored to your needs.

Let us know the number of people you wish to invite and the dates you are interested in.
It will be our pleasure to host you, so that you can enjoy indoors or outdoors all of Siga Siga’s dishes. In a very friendly and welcoming environment we can transform every gastronomic proposal into a unique experience!

Contact us at: (+30) 281 028 3794 or at: info@sigasiga.gr and learn more.